Monday, August 17, 2009

Kitchen Pictures

Here are some before shots, and in the process shots. Enjoy.

Before we took the cabinets out.

Look close, the upper cabinets are gone.

The original yellow Linoleum
Shot of the sink area.
The original wallpaper- uncovered this while putting in a new window.
The lip is gone, Now we can have our cabinets to the ceiling.
New drywall behind the sink. We had to replace it since mold had decided to grow.


Amber said...

That's some sweet yellow linoleum! I can't wait to see the final results!!!

Aubrey said...

That's awesome--I wish we were as brave as you guys, but I'm too ready to move out of my house to put any more big efforts in it. ;) I hope you do step by step posts so we can see everything! I'm excited to see it.

Aubrey said...

Oh by the way, I am super jealous of your choice of sink, cabinets, and flooring--if I'd had my choice I'd have engineered hardwood too. I love wood floors. I wish ours weren't painted on from someone's lazy wall-painting job.

Did you want to see close-ups of those flowers on the shirts? Here's the lady's blog--I stole pictures of her Etsy store (the sold stuff) for the sign-up sheet.

I just noticed there's no link to her shop from her blog right now--but she made a bunch of shirts last October, if you want to see a bunch in her archives.