Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crackle Clocks

I want to make my own wall clock. I really like the antiqued look, so after looking around the internet, I found you have to use something called crackle finish. I found THIS website with some good ideas, and THIS website with directions on how to "crackle" something.

You can also go HERE, to found out how the crafters on this website made their own clock.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

House Decorating for Fall and otherwise

Now that the disaster areas in my house have been cleaned up (minus the bathroom- that is a whole other story) , I have been able to decorate.

My new table
The DI wall art. In case you are wondering what the newspaper on the wall is for, that is where we are going to hang a T.V.

I got three of these mirrors a year ago for my birthday at Tai Pan for $12 each. I spray painted them black recently and hung them in my kitchen. They look awesome.

My front door area. I grew the pumpkins and corn. They make great decorations
mini-broom and ribbon. Total cost of craft $2.00. Thanks Dollar Tree.
I plan on decorating these trees for every holiday.
My table Decorations
These candle sticks were on clearance at Hobby Lobby and I couldn't pass them up. Since they were ugly, I spray painted them black, and I put three mini pumpkins on them as decoration.

I shop D.I.

I love love love the DI. I find awesome things there almost every time I go. I am so obsessed, that I went three times last week. Each day finding something totally awesome.
Here are some of my finds:

Glass bottles
Shelf- with a little spray paint (my new best friend) this should look cool.
Flowers and wreath
Floating shelves ($1.00 each) what a deal. Home Depot sells them for $20 each. With a little spray paint they will be like new.
Art work. I'll tell you the truth, at first I was going to trash the pictures and use the frames for something, but then the pictures grew on me and I decided that they would look really cool in my kitchen since the paintings have the same color scheme.

Finito- Drab to Fab

Hip Hip Hooray!!! We are finished remodeling the kitchen.

This past week we finished installing under cabinet lighting, replaced light switches and plugs, and finished trim work.

Here is the kitchen BEFORE:
Here is the kitchen AFTER:

Here is the kitchen BEFORE:
Here is the kitchen AFTER:

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have the prettiest bedroom set. I inherited it from my great aunt when she died. I believe the set is from the 50's or 60's. Anyway, the only problem is the bed is a full size. So, after I got married, I could still use the low and tall boy dressers, but I couldn't use the headboard and footboard. I still don't have a head board. I came across this DIY headboard that I actually like. I have tons of beadboard left over from our kitchen remodel, so I can scratch that off the shopping list.

We'll see...

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

another cute mirror found HERE.

I love this. This blog actually has two DIY mirrors that I really like. Find the tutorials HERE.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Grapevine Pumpkin

Awesome. Click HERE for a tutorial.


So cute. Find out how to do it HERE.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

And there was light

I feel like we accomplished a lot this past week. We Finished painting the living room and foyer, installed base board, replaced outlets, put in can lights and a new chandelier and finally tore out the inner storm window so the area can be ready for the new front window (with that we will have replaced ALL of our windows.)

Have a look at our progress...

BEFORE: Living room

AFTER: the living room after a coat of paint, new base board and more light.
our couch in the new space
the ugly ceiling fan and dark tan paint
The new chandelier.