Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentines Day part II

As seen on a previous post, I wanted to make my own heart tree. So off I went to find the cutest Valentine fabric, after searching high and low, I finally found what I wanted at Ben Franklin crafts. They had 42 squares of fabric in a pack (Moda fabric titled L'amour) for $7.99. Not bad... So I went home and over the course of a week I made the hearts, searched the DI for the perfect vase (found two-one pink on red for .50 a piece), and broke some twigs off of a tree in my yard. Then I remembered I had two cute little birds in my Christmas decorations that I could use to accent the hearts.
So without further adieu, here is my Heart Tree...

Find the cute heart pattern HERE.

I also made some cute "Be Mine" wood blocks.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ruffly Headband

Cute! She has some other headbands as well. Check out her work HERE.

Dyed Wooden Beads Necklace

I think this is a fantastic idea. Found HERE.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ikea's Envelope Pillowcase

I love Ikea fabric. It is so modern and stylish. One day I noticed that they had a free pattern for an envelope pillowcase. I thought, "My couch pillows do not match the new color scheme." It was then that I looked over and my eye locked on this fabric. I had to have it, and new pillows was a good enough excuse for me that I bought enough for two pillows (stupid me I didn't buy enough- I guess I will have to go back... darn).
Anyways, back to the pillows. I sat down at my craft table and read over the instructions. For some reason I couldn't grasp what was being shown and or written (if you have ever assembled anything by Ikea, you may know what I am talking about.) So after pondering over it for a minute I made it make sense. And away I went, measuring, cutting and sewing.
Ikea Instructions: I hope you can make sense of it...

Here is what I did:

I found that I need the fabric 20 inches wide x 54 inches long. Lay fabric right side up.

Fold left end 15 1/2 inches toward the middle.

Fold right end 15 inches toward the middle, covering fabric previously folded over.

Each side of the square should measure 20inches (I used a 20in x 20in pillow)

Sew both sides, and turn right side out and wa-la you have an envelope pillowcase.

Much Better...
I do have some plain orange fabric and three more pillows I need to make cases for. To Be Continued...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Tutorial for fabric heart tree found HERE.

These fabulous items are found HERE.

This one is good year round, you make a new block for the middle every month.

I am obsessed with wreaths, check out these that I found around the web

This wreath is found HERE.

This wreath is found HERE.

Another Valentines Day wreath found HERE.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I found these old photos

While looking through my camera's memory card, I came across some photos of my living room and hallway before the renovations. I wanted to show the befores and afters.

Pottery Barn Shelves

While scanning the Pottery Barn online catalog, I came across these shelves...

After studying them for a sec, I thought, "Well heck those look easy enough to make." So we bought some hardwood at Home Depot, and I put Matt to work.

After three coats of stain, they were finally ready to hang on the wall.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Decorative Balls

These look totally awesome and easy to make. I may have to try making some soon... Tutorial found HERE.

I also want to make these snow balls. Found HERE.

Fabric Covered Beaded Necklaces

I found this on KSL's Studio 5 website. The project instructions are found HERE.

I also found a cute accessory called a Jean Corsage HERE.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Metal Wall Art

I got the idea for this project from HERE. I like what she made, but I really loved the twiggy trees at the end of the tutorial. After watching it, I Googled "metal tree art" and came across this picture:

I really loved it, so I got Matt to help me make my own. We bought a soldering gun at Home Depot, came home and went to work.

Here is our finished product:

Let It Snow Blocks

I saw these blocks on KSL's Studio 5 site.

I decided to make my own:

Cuteness. These blocks were really fun to make.