Thursday, April 8, 2010

Design Studio

We went to the Design Studio yesterday to make our final plans. Here are our choices we made while there...

Railing. It will be stained toffee to match the cupboards.
Outside lights
Shower hardware.
Carpet and tile.
Cupboards. The white one is the style of the door, and the other will be the stain (maple with a toffee stain.)
Modular Granite. The darker will be in the kitchen. The lighter one will be in the bathrooms.
Shower Stall. It will be brushed nickle.
White Water and trim will be in the shower stall.
Lighting Package. (Not our first choice. Our choice was discontinued.)
Bathroom Faucet. They will be brushed nickle.
Kitchen Faucet.
Interior doors. We are going for the craftman style.
Six Panel Front door. It will be painted black.
This picture shows everything together- Hardward floors will be in the kitchen.
Exterior Colors and rock. The main color is called Evening Blue.


Jenny said...

Love it! Its going to be beutiful!!

Weatherman Dan said...

Really Nice! And, lots of work to get to where you are now. I love the colors, the white water, granite and the fixtures. This is going to be fun! Right?

Sherri said...

You are so lucky!!!!