Friday, August 26, 2011

I am in an E-Book

The 11 Easy Craft Ideas E-Book is in, and yours truly has been featured!!!

To download your free copy, go HERE!!

Make sure to look at page 11-12...

Thanks to for this special opportunity!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dollar Store Pillows

Here is a super cheap way to make some pillows. Since they were so so cheap to make, I didn't feel too bad putting them on my new porch swing.

First things first, find some cute place-mats. These happen to be from Dollar Tree.
For the back of the pillow, I was going to use another place-mat, but instead I used some fabric I had on hand and cut it to the size of the place-mat.
Sew together. Make sure to leave a hole so you can stuff it...
Stuff the pillow, then sew the hole shut.
The finished product...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drab to Fab + Porch Swing

I finally added some cuteness to my front porch... It only took a year.

My porch BEFORE: (my cat is such a photo bomber...)
Instead of building the porch swing found HERE, we went to Lowes and bought one for $150.00.
Matt put it together...
Measured the spot and installed the hardware for the porch swing chain.
Sidenote: this is where I am going to keep Matt when he is not doing projects for me... Chained Up.
Attach the swing to the chain. Next time, we'll make sure the hardware is facing the right way, so we don't have to disassemble the project to get the chain on.
Since the swing looked plain, so I made some cheap pillows. (Tutorial soon)
Porch AFTER: I finished the space off with some Mums, lanterns, and a door decoration.