Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wooden Fire Crackers

Wooden Fire Cracker Supplies:
-(1)4" X 4" board cut to 9 inches
-(1)4" X 4" board cut to 8 inches
-(1)4" X 4" board cut to 7 inches
-(3)large wooden stars
-(3)medium wooden stars
-(3)small wooden stars
-walnut stain
-blue, cream, red paint
-paint brush
-star stickers
-thin wire cut in three different lengths (three per fire crackers)
-drill & glue gun
Paint each fire crackers to desired design. Also paint the little wooden stars.
Let the paint dry, then dis-stress each fire cracker. Next, rub walnut stain over them, and rub excess off with a paper towel.
Drill a hole in the top of each fire cracker.
Next, cut some wire, each at a different length.
Now, twist little loops on each strand. Once that is done, twist all three wires together at the base. Repeat for each fire cracker.
Next, glue a stars onto the end of each wire. There should be a large, medium and small star on each fire cracker.
Dab some glue into the hole.
Stick the wire clump into the hole and hold until glue dries.
Finally, fan out the wire so it looks awesome!
Now, display!!
Go HERE to see how I made the Pledge of Allegiance board.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Pledge Allegiance

*I copied the idea for the subway art from HERE.

Pledge of Allegiance Subway Art Supplies:
-(2)5 ½ “X 6’ cedar fence boards CUT IN HALF. Then cut (2) 34” pieces and (2) 12” pieces of cedar fence boards
-17.5" x 34" piece of MDF board
-(6) screws
-walnut stain
-blue paint
-paint roller
-subway art vinyl.
Paint your board. You do not have to go to the edges since the wooden frame will be there. After the first coat has dried, roll on another coat and let dry.
Next, stain the boards with the walnut stain. Let the stain set for a minute, then wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Now, place the stained cedar slats on the MDF board. Attach the cedar slats to the MDF by screws or glue. I placed screws at the top and bottom of each of the 34' boards and in the middle of the 12" boards. Let the whole thing dry for a few hours.
Now, apply the vinyl. Go HERE for a great tutorial on how to do that. Go HERE to purchase the Pledge of Allegiance vinyl.
This 1776 is from an AWESOME unfinished wood shop in northern Utah. It is called Wood Creations. They are located in West Haven. Go HERE to see their website.
I made these Stars & Stripes Forever blocks a few years ago.
What is behind that blur???? Find out in June...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shower Curtain Rings...Rings

Shower Curtain Rings...Rings Tutorial:
Supplies: ---E-6000 glue ---package of Rings with small pad... 10 pieces ---shower curtain rings with some kind of flower on them- I found mine at a local thrift store.
First things first, break or pull off the ring part from the flower.
Next, spray the flowers with primer.
After the primer is dry, spray paint the flowers with desired colors.
Once the spray paint is dry, spray each flower with a clear coat spray.
Next, glue the rings with a pad on the back of each flower with the E-6000 glue. Make sure the rings with a pad are glued in a place where it will look good when you put it on your finger.
Now you have an assortment of CUTE and CHEAP rings!
I think my favorite one is the gray one, I have been wearing it all day... it looks fabulous!!
The back of the rings will look like this.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Union Jack Pillow- Etsy Adds

Union Jack Pillow Supplies: -(2) red fabric strips that measure 1.25"x 26.5" -(2) white (I used drop cloth) fabric strips that measure 2.75" x 26.5" -(2) red fabric strips that measure 3"x 20" -(2) white (I used drop cloth) fabric strips that measure 4" x 20" -(1) 19"x 19" blue fabric square -(2) 13" x 19" blue fabric rectangle
Sew the red strips onto the white stripes: **sew red fabric strips that measure 1.25"x 26.5" onto white fabric strips that measure 2.75" x 26.5" **sew red fabric strips that measure 3"x 20" onto white fabric strips that measure 4" x 20".
Sew smaller strips onto blue fabric square- corner to corner...
It should look like this... an X.
Next, Sew the larger strips on top of the smaller strips. They should make a "+" sign.
Now, sew a hem on the 13" x 19" fabric rectangles.
Pin the two fabric rectangles- right sides together- to the 19" x 19" blue fabric square. The bottom piece should be on top of the other piece.
Lastly, put a pillow form in and display...
I made some other patriotic pillows for my Etsy Shop...
Go HERE to purchase any of these pillows...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flower Boxes

Flower Box Supplies: -cedar fence slats ($1.97 each at Home Depot) -paint -stencils for the words -dowels -14 gauge wire
First things first, make some boxes. My boxes measure 12" X 7.5".
Next, paint and once dried, distress.
Using my Cricut, I cut out some, seeds, and herbs. Since I used vinyl, I was able to stick the stencil onto the front of each box without worrying about the stencil moving.
Next, dab on some paint.
This is what the boxes looked like after I removed the vinyl and let the paint dry.
Next, sand each box, so the lettering becomes faded.
If you want to add handles, drill two holes on each end of the box.
Cut the dowels so they measure 2.5" long. Next, drill a hole in the middle of each dowel. Each box will need (2) dowels.
Next, cut (2 per box) 12" pieces of wire and slide the dowel onto the wire until it is in the middle.
Now, stick each wire end into the holes you drilled previously.
Twist the wire as shown, so the handle is secure.
Add some flowers, stack and display!!!!
My flower boxes are based on some that I found HERE.