Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skull Bookends

While browsing though blogs I love, I came across THIS POST about skull bookends. I fell in love with them, so I made my own.

-cedar fence slat
-two skulls (I got mine from Dollar Tree)
-hot glue gun

Cut your boards to the length you want. Nail the two boards together to make a "L". Then paint the boards. I went with black, but then I brushed a coat of silver paint over the top.
Next, glue the skulls to the boards with your hot glue.
I used the skull bookends to hold up my spellbooks I made last year.

Happy Halloween

Headboard Bench

For the craft show, I needed a bench to display my pillows, so I went out into the thrift store world on the hunt for the perfect headboard and footboard, so we could make a bench out of them.
I finally found the perfect combo. I liked them because I thought they looked like an old church pew.
First thing we did was cut the footboard in half. These will be the sides of the bench.
Next, Matt clamped the headboard to the footboard sides.
And then he attached them together wtih screws.
While He was doing that, I sanded the seat board and stained it. Matt then attached the seat to the bench with screws.
The seat only turned out to be 11 inches deep. I didn't like the look of it, so Matt added a 2x4 to make it deeper.
Matt also added some boards on top to cover the original seat and the added 2x4. He also added a front trim piece.
I then filled the holes with putty, sanded and painted the bench.
I think it turned out great!
It looks great in my entryway.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Boo Glitter Letters

Boo Glitter Letters Supply List:
-nail gun
-black paint

Take your 2"x2"s and cut them to the sizes you need.
Layout each letter to make sure you got all the pieces.
Next, nail the pieces together.
Here is the "BOO" all put together. I don't have pictures for the next couple of steps... Paint your letters black. Next, use THIS tutorial from my #31 post and stamp each letter in glitter. Let the letters sit for ten minutes, then spray with some glossy clearcoat spray. This will protect the glitter.

Here are some different color combos:

Email me, if you have any questions! Happy Halloween Crafting!!!