Friday, February 25, 2011

Corrugated Shamrock

Here is my Corrugated Shamrock!

Find out how I did this HERE.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shim Mirror

This mirror was pretty easy and cheap to make. Most of the stuff I had on hand. I only had to buy shims.

Supply list:
shims (2 packs at HD)
mdf back (I had this circle from another project)
wood glue

Start glueing shims to the mdf board.

Glue some more

start layering the shims and glue some more.

Layer some more and fill in the gaps. I had to use paint cans to keep it all together.

After the glue dried, I stained the beast with walnut stain.

Attach some hanging hardware on the back. Also glue a mirror onto the front... in the middle.

Hang on the wall...

Step back and enjoy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Corrugated Heart

I am really excited about this post, because I haven't seen any projects involving corrugated roofing. So I hope you like it...

Supply List:
Tin Snips.............. $15.97
Gloves................. $4.46
Corrugated roofing..... $11.80- 2x8 sheet
spray paint

OK, here we go...
First things first, get your supplies ready. You will also need a pattern. I used newspaper/ads. I decided to make a heart, so I cut out a heart.
You really need gloves to cut the metal, you will get cut if you don't. Tape your pattern onto the metal, and cut the heart out. It helps if you cut around the heart, then once the basic shape of it is cut out, go back and cut it exactly to the pattern.
Drill two holes in the heart so you can hang it up.
Spray paint and let dry...
I really like poka-dots, so I cut some circles using my Cricut and randomly stuck them to the heart.
String the wire through the holes. I did some curlys at the end.

Display- SO CUTE!!!!

I also cut out a shamrock. I'll post it once it gets closer to March.