Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh Christmas Slat Tree!

For the Christmas craft show last month, we made some cute little pallet Christmas Trees.

Oh Christmas Slat Tree Tutorial:

First things first, find some wood and cut four boards for each tree to the desired height and length.

Finished tree measurements:

Big Tree: 12" H x 11.25" W
Each slat measures 2.5"H x (bottom slat to top slat) 11.25", 8.25", 5.25", 2.25" Wide

Small Tree: 8" H x 7.25" W
Each slat measures 1.75"H x (bottom slat to top slat) 7.25", 5.25", 3.25", 1.75" Wide

You also need to cut a backbone for each tree. It should measure the length of the tree. We also added another little board on the back of the backbone to add stability.

After you have nailed the slats to the backbone, cut the sides of the trees at an angle.
This will basically form a triangle shape.
Here is a view of the back. Notice the little piece we added to make the trees more stable.
Next, I painted the trees. At this point I hadn't decided to paint the backbone/trunk yet. In the end, I painted the trunk brown and also disstressed the paint.
To finished the trees off, I printed a cute little "Oh Christmas Tree" tag and tied it to the small tree.
So cute!
And to think, I wasn't going to decorate this year...

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting.