Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let It Snow Table Runner

For Christmas this year, I made my grandma and mother-in-law a table runner. Since they turned out so adorable, I think I need one for myself...

-(2) burlap pieces cut to 16" x 48"
-white 1/2" pom pom trim
-white paint

First thing you want to do is stencil on with white paint your design onto the burlap.

Steps Not Pictured:
1. Sew white pom pom trim onto the two ends of one of the pieces of burlap.
2. With right sides together, sew the front and back together. Leave a hole at the bottom so you can turn it right side out.
3. Iron the table runner so it lays flat.
4. Sew a cute stitch around the runner. This will close up the hole. I used the edge of the foot as my guide.

Display for all to see.

Reversible Table Runner:

I tweaked the second Let It Snow table runner's design. I glued some snowflake gems to the snowflakes and instead of leaving the back blank, I made a Valentine's Day side. I also zig-zagged the edges together so the burlap won't unravel. I used white thread on top and red thread on the bottom.


On another note, I was contracted by relatives to make a couple of things. They turned out cute, so I thought I would share...
A large ruler

A picture holder

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wood Snowflake Tutorial

I completed another Pinterest project that I have been meaning to make for a while... a wood snowflake for my front door. I used THIS tutorial for my inspiration.

- (2) 3"x 6ft cedar fence slats
- (4) 48" lathe slats
- brad nailer
- staple gun & staples
- wire cutters
- wood glue
- white paint
- painting supplies
- sander

Cut List:
- 3" cedar fence slat cut in half (lengthwise)
- Cut (2) 29" pieces
- Cut (2) 13.75" pieces
- 3 lathe slats cut to 24"
- 6 triangles
- cut lathe slats into 5" lengths (you need 12) then miter the ends

Since I didn't want the snowflake fat and bulky in the middle, I mitered the 13.75" pieces to fit against the 29" cedar board. I put wood glue on the ends then stapled the pieces together.

Keep in mind that your nails will be longer than the wood thickness, so you may have to use your wire cutters and cut the nail ends off during the whole project.

Next, I nailed & glued another 29" slat piece on top of the "X" we just made.

For extra stability, I nailed & glued a smaller lathe piece to the back of the wood pieces.

Here is how the snowflake should look at this point.

Next, I nailed & glued the 3 lathe pieces in place. Like so...

On those lathe pieces, I glued and nailed the wood triangles to the ends. Like so...

Next, I nailed & glued the mitered lathe pieces to make a "v" on the end on each cedar (29") pieces.




A whole front porch shot...