Monday, June 13, 2016

Trailer Reno: Re-sealing the Roof

Almost two weeks ago, we tackled resealing the trailer roof. I don't think it has been done since the thing was built. So it was time.
First thing we did was clean the roof with phosphoric acid. You can buy it at Home Depot.

This is the base coat and top coat we used for this project. We got this and a lot of our other trailer project supplies from HERE.

Matt rolled on two coats of the gray primer and let it dry between coats.

He did the same thing with the top coat. One day, the roof will match the rest of the trailer. One of our goals this year is to paint the exterior of the trailer white.

We also installed new vents. The others were trashed.

By the end of this project, there will be nothing left untouched...

Friday, June 3, 2016

Trailer Reno: Update and Priming the Inside

Last August, I left off with replacing the trailer floor. We ended the trailer summer project last year by getting the sides and back/front of the trailer back on, replacing structure that had rotted, rebuilding the wheel wells and also replacing some wall paneling.

Some Photos:

Even though we were no where near being done renovating this thing, we took it camping twice. We had a bathroom, heat, and a bathroom sink with running water. Way better than tent camping!

-Fast forward to Summer 2016-

We took the windows off, I scraped the butyl tape off each window and around the window holes. The hubby replaced butyl tape on trim pieces and caulked spots where water could potentially get in.

Before primer:

We then primed EVERYTHING inside the trailer with Kilz. By using Kilz, we also got rid of the icky stench that permeated the trailer.

This weekend, we are going to reseal the roof and paint inside. Stay tuned!