Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paint, moulding, light, Oh My!

We finally picked a color. What one do you think it is?
Rocky Mountain Sky
(left) or Contemplation (right)?
***Click on color to be directed to Behr's website.

We chose Rocky Mountain Sky! I got the hallway painted. The paint color really makes the white trim stand out.

The hallway
The closet

Matt also put in the light that will eventually swag over our table.

The crown moulding is in!!!!

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Aubrey said...

If you get sick of working on your house, want to come over and help me paint mine? ;) Nothing is getting done over here and it feels like a warzone, because I keep taking everything off the walls to paint--without doing the painting! I'm such a nerd.

It's all loooking good over there--I can't wait to see itall finished.