Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fleece ragged quilt

• 1 yd each of 4 fleece prints
• 2 yards fleece for back
• Basic sewing supplies
• Sewing machine
• Sharp scissors

1. Cut sixteen 9" squares from each print.
2. Cut sixty-three 9" squares of backing fabric.
3. Pair the prints with a backing square, wrong sides together.
4. With printed side up, arrange pairs in a pleasing pattern, laying out on a table or the floor with 7 squares across to form a row and 9 rows down.
5. Starting with the top row, sew the pairs together using a 1" seam allowance with wrong sides together so the seam allowances show on top. Sew the pairs together forming nine rows of seven squares.
6. Sew the nine rows together to form the quilt.
7. Clip seam allowances at 1/2" intervals being careful not to clip into seams.
8. Wash and dry quilt.

This is from Joann's

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Unknown said...

How come the number of top and bottom squares differ?