Monday, March 8, 2010

Frame a wreath, then display some birds

This past weekend, I went to St. George, while there I visited the DI (I know a real shocker.) I found some really great stuff. Among those finds were two frames. I couldn't pass them up. Especially at $2 a piece. Once I got them home, I cleaned them (boy where they dirty), and painted one of them orange. I also applied some walnut stain to bring out some detail of the frame. Lastly, I tied a wreath to the frame with ribbon and added two little birdies. Cute!

I have been collecting birds from Dollar Tree and The DI for a few months now. On one of my many trips to the DI, I picked up this shelf thing. I knew it had potential, and for $2 it really wasn't going to break the bank if I didn't end up using it. First thing I did was take a chisel to the bow, and the back panel. I painted, stained and glazed it. Finally I got it to look right. After it was dry enough, I put my birdies in their little cubbyhole and put them on display.

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