Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A few house projects

Over the past month we have completed a couple of house projects.

First up: The Spare Bedroom:The two above pictures show the prep work before painting. I wanted my stripe to be 22.5 inches wide, so my husband used the laser level and taped off the stripe. Once he was done, I painted the inside edges of the tape with our base color. This seals the tape, so your other color will not bleed through. Next, I painted. Wait until the paint is semi dry, then peel the tape off. If you wait until it is dry, you might take your paint with it...
Look how awesome the room is now! Even the cat likes being in there.

Second up, The Hall Bath:

Before shots. Don't mind the yellow. I thought yellow would make the bathroom cheery, but it looked horrendous, so I went with blue.
We trimmed the wall and the mirror. I wanted a ledge, so Matt nailed a board on top of the other trim. Matt caulked, and I painted.

Ah, much better...

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