Monday, April 4, 2011

A Few Projects

I am still alive... I know I haven't posted a project in awhile, but we have had a lot going on...

St. Patrick's Day has came and went, but I wanted to post what I made anyway. I got the word "shamrock" in wood letters from the Wood Connection, painted them and embellished them. I also found some shamrocks at some of my many DI trips. I sanded, stained, and glittered them. I also made some stands for them. Everything turned out cute!
I made individualized scripture bags for my Primary kids. They each got to pick out three of their favorite colors and some kind of design. Each was different and unique. It is really random what 7 year olds come up with...


Back in December, I joined a site where they do craft swaps with people around the country. For the Spring Time swap, I made these dragon-tails for my swap person's sons. They were easy and fun to make. She was kind enough to take a picture and post it on the Swaperoo blog.

Find the great tutorial for the DRAGON TAILS HERE.

I also made her these cute EASTER blocks.

Go HERE to see what else I sent her. Go HERE for more info on the Craft Swap.

I have a few other posts up my sleeves, but I got to finish the actual projects first.

Until then, enjoy this post and my many others... ;0)

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Unknown said...

Yay! Glad to see you back! I hope all is well . . . LOVE the Easter blocks!