Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drab to Fab + Porch Swing

I finally added some cuteness to my front porch... It only took a year.

My porch BEFORE: (my cat is such a photo bomber...)
Instead of building the porch swing found HERE, we went to Lowes and bought one for $150.00.
Matt put it together...
Measured the spot and installed the hardware for the porch swing chain.
Sidenote: this is where I am going to keep Matt when he is not doing projects for me... Chained Up.
Attach the swing to the chain. Next time, we'll make sure the hardware is facing the right way, so we don't have to disassemble the project to get the chain on.
Since the swing looked plain, so I made some cheap pillows. (Tutorial soon)
Porch AFTER: I finished the space off with some Mums, lanterns, and a door decoration.


Alli and Rick said...

It looks so cute and inviting- I want to be invited over to sit on the porch swing. Your projects always turn out fabulous! Hooray for the handy man!

MaryBerry Boutique said...

So pretty! thank goodness for handy hubbys huh:)

Matt Pope said...

Now only if we had yard to go with it...

Jen Gilday said...

Quick question....we are really wanting to hang a porch swing too, but are worried we don't have enough space for it to swing. How far from your window is the back of the porch swing? I read online that it takes 24 plus inches, but that seems like an awful lot. Would love your input!!! Your front porch is just darling!!!
Thanks, Jen