Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ikea Built-ins

Right after we moved in... a year ago... we went to Ikea's Billy Bookcase planner online(go HERE)and made a plan for a built-in media center. We needed a place for our movies, and I wanted a place to put my books and trinkets.

In all we got:
(2) 31.5"x11"x79.5" Billy Bookcases
(1) 31.5'x11'x41.75" Billy Bookcase
(2) 15.75"x11"x41.75" Billy Bookcases
(1) 47.25"x11"x13.75 wallshelf (bridge)
(2) 15.75"x11"x13.75" Height Extensions
(2) 7 7/8"x 6 3/4"x79.5" DVD Towers- We cut them in half. We still had to but two because of how they are assembled.
(4) 15.75"x38 5/8" Doors. You can also get glass doors if you want...

Home Deopt:
3/4"- 4'x8' MDF sheets
1.5"x 8' primed MDF trim
paint to match the bookcases. Home Depot color matched for us.
Caulking Once we got all those boxes home, we assembled them all. Ikea has made it pretty easy... Just follow the picture instructions.Once Everything is put together, now comes the hard part.. Matt had to measure each side and cut MDF to fit. He put MDF between each bookcase, so we could trim the whole thing to make it look finished.
If you notice, we had to bring the middle three bookcases forward, so we could have enough space on top to put our TV. This creates a gap in the back. Since we were going to put on doors, we really didn't finish the inside. I guess you could cut more MDF and finish it off if you really wanted to. There is no picture for this, but we trimmed out each edge to make it look finished. Then painted the trim and MDF to match the bookcase color. Ta-Dah! We did it piece by piece, day by day, but it finally got done and I love it. Now I have a place for my books and decor. (Obviously this is an old photo...It is not Valentines Day.)

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sheerserendipity said...

Those Ikea built-ins looks fantastic! Great job!