Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chippy Paint Frame

Chippy Paint Frame Tutorial:
Chippy Paint Frame Supplies:
-Frame made out of wood baseboard and a back insert
steel wool
-Minwax Finishing Wax
soft cotton cloth
-paint brush
-spray adhesive
Make a frame made out of wood.
Paint one coat of brown paint on the frame. Let the paint dry.
Next, rub the candle on the spots where you want the paint to be chippy.
Then, paint two coats of black on top of the brown paint. Let it dry between coats and after the second coat.
With the steel wool, rub the frame. Focus on the spots that you rubbed the candle... this will take the black paint off in those spots.
Next, with your soft cotton cloth, rub the Minwax Finishing Wax all over the frame.
This will seal the paint and give the frame a nice finish.

Now that the frame is done, find a picture to put in the frame. For this project, I had Matt create a family tree picture. He found a tree picture on the internet (Thanks to the person who took this awesome photo!) He then added the family info to the picture by using Photoshop. We then uploaded it to Sam's Club and had them print it for us.
To frame this picture, we sprayed spray adhesive to the back of the backer board and the photo. Then we smoothed the bubbles out.
Finally, we put the back on and secured it to the frame. I also put picture hanger hardware on the back.
Here is a close up of the painting technique on the frame.
We created a family tree for each side of the family for Christmas. I also made one for my mom for Mother's Day.
They turned out nice!
This is image is from the website that I got this idea from. I tried to find the exact link, but to no avail. So if it is yours, thanks for the great idea!


MaryBerry Boutique said...

This is so beautiful, I love it!

Carrie from Sam's Club said...

Jessica, thanks for sharing such an interesting DIY post! I love the rustic look that your frame had when it was finished and giving it as a gift featuring your family tree is ingenious. Thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club and enjoy the rest of your summer. – Ramona from Sam’s Club