Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NOEL supersized

I'm sure by now, you have seen this image all over Pinterest. I'm sure, like me, you loved it and had to have it!
Since I have 9ft ceilings, I had to make my letters big.
I used a 3.5"x6' fence slat and made a "N" and a "L". For the "E" I used a 1 inch wide board. I made my letters 22" tall.
I used a twig wreath for the "O". To add some pizazz, I spray-painted it silver.
Lastly, I painted each letter a different color. I painted the "N" gold, the "E" buttermilk cream and the "L" avocado green. After the paint was dry, I sanded the edges of each letter to made it look worn.
This project was fun, and cheap.
Merry Christmas!

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Alli and Rick said...

I love this project! It looks so cute on your wall. And your house looks all ready for Christmas. I would expect nothing less :) Now come make my house look fancy. Love your ideas!