Monday, April 8, 2013

Industrial Pipe Shelves

Supplies Per Shelf:

-(1) board cut to length
-(2) Flanges
-(2) 1/2"x 3" Nipples
-(2) 1/2" Tees
-(4) 1/2"x 1" Nipples
-(2) 90 degree Elbows
-(2) Pipe Caps
-(1) Pipe cut to length
-wall anchors
-walnut stain

We bought most of our galvanized pipe supplies from Gatzies on line. Home Depot's price is $6.24 per flange and Gatzies is $2.07 each. We saved $4 per flange!

We started this project by going to Home Depot and buying our pipe.

We asked a nice Home Depot employee to cut and thread our pipe.

Once we got home, we washed all of the metal pipe supplies. The metal is greasy and smelly, so DO NOT skip this step.

Next, we assembled each shelf.

This is what the bones of the shelf looked like after assembly.

These are the parts we used for the shelf. Repeat the same configuration on the other end.

Next, cut a board to the length you need. We cut our board to 7" x 23.5".

Next, we drilled a hole in each end of the board. I think we used a 7/8" drill bit. It needs to be big enough so the 1/2"x1" nipple can fit through the hole.

This is what the shelf will look like with the pipe caps.

I sanded each shelf.

Next, we stained the boards with dark walnut stain.

Before we attached the shelves to the wall, we marked where we wanted each shelf to be.

Next, we drilled four holes in the wall.

Since we didn't have studs to attach the shelve to, we had to use anchors.

Finally, we put the caps on and tightened them with a wrench.

I added some shelf decor I have been collecting for a while to each shelf.

I think they turned out awesome!

Next up a shower curtain rod and towel racks...

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