Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gardening Angel

For my mom's birthday, Matt and I made this garden angel for her yard. When I found the idea HERE I knew my mom would love it.

Garden Angel Supplies:

-old shutter or bi-fold door
-(4) 5.5"x6' cedar fence slats for wings and arms
-wood circle for the head

First, cut the shutter to the length you want.
Next, cut three wings out of the cedar fence slats.
Once the wings were cut, we cut the ends so they had an angled look.
Next, make a pattern for the arm.
Cut two arms out of a cedar fence board.
Next, cut or find a circle for the head. In the end I hated how it looked, so I added something else.
Finally, screw the arms to the shutter, then flip it over and screw the wings and head to the back of the shutter.
Like I said above, I hated how the head looked, so I found a copper lid and glued it onto the wood head.
My mom loved it and found a great spot for it in her backyard.

My sister saw this "Grow, Damn ya." sign on Pinterest, so I made one for her and one for my mom for Mother's Day. They funny thing is that they both wanted it, but they both don't want neighbors to see it. All I can do is chuckle...


myomyohi said...
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myomyohi said...

You did a great job on your shutter angel. I really like the copper lid, and it will age beautifully.