Saturday, September 14, 2013

Craft Show Prep: Booth Sign

For this craft show, I wanted to make sure everyone knows my shop name and my Etsy Shop address. Along with fabric labels, and business cards, Matt designed a banner for my booth. Did you know that makes banners for pretty cheap? Well, they do, and luckily we caught the sale they had going on for a vinyl 4'x 2.5' banner. In the end we got the banner with shipping for $20.

Since I wanted the banner framed, we had to find some kind of backer board. At Home Depot we found a sheet of 3'x 7' 1/8" thick backer board for $11.75. Matt cut the backer board to the length we needed.
Next, he cut the frame pieces out of cedar fence slats. We used three boards.
While I was staining the boards, Matt sprayed spray adhesive onto the board and smoothed the banner into place.
Next, after the boards were set in place, Matt stapled the frame to the backer board from the back of the sign.
Then we turned the sign over and Matt stapled it a few more times from the back.
For around $30 we got a huge awesome sign!

It is going to look great in the booth! Only a few more days until the Simple Treasures Craft Boutique... September 18-21.

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