Monday, November 2, 2015

Pallet Turkey

A few months back, my sister found THIS pallet turkey on Pinterest and said we had to make our own. So we did.

(4) 3.5"x6' Cedar fence slats (cut in half = 36")
(1) 5.5"x6' Cedar fence slat
(1) 2"x2"x8' board
paint- orange, red, and white
Dark Walnut Stain
Special Walnut Stain
nail gun + nails
drill + screws
(2) buttons

First thing we did was lay the boards out. Next, we drew the body of the turkey onto the boards. Once we had the design all figured out, we cut it out, board by board, using a bandsaw.

Next, we glued and nailed support pieces to the back of the body.

We also did this to the back of the head/front. Not only did this add support to the turkey, but it also gave it a 3-D effect.

Before we glued/nailed the two parts together, we stained the back piece dark walnut and front special walnut. We also added a whitewash layer to the front/head piece. Then we painted the beak orange and the snood red, then glued/nailed it to the head. I thought my turkey needed eyes, so I glued on two different sized buttons.

Then we screwed three screws into the back of the turkey to connect the front body/head with the back body.

I went into this project feeling hesitant, and came came out overjoyed with the final product. I love it when projects turn out better than you thought they were going to!

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