Thursday, February 26, 2009

Since I broke out the sewing machine... part 2

Last night I cut up some of Matt's old jeans and found some fabric I had lying around. I want to make a quilt, but I am not sure what kind of layout I want. So I Googled "quilt square patterns" and came across this fascinating, fun quilt square....


Here is how she did it:

1. Choose 9 different fabrics- 3 squares of each fabric for the block.

2. Cut the fabric into squares- cut 4" squares.

3. Sew the squares together, to make "9 patch" quilt blocks, which are each 3 squares wide by 3 squares long.

4. Cut the 9 Patch in half vertically.

5. Cut the 9 patch in half again, but this time horizontally. Keep the pieces together in their original position (as if you hadn't cut it already.)

6. Turn the cut pieces in any direction you fancy.

Quilt 7

7. Arrange all of the pieces in the order you find most pleasing.

8. Sew the pieces together.

Quilt Pink Full Fence copy

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Amber said...

That's the cutest material ever!