Thursday, February 26, 2009

Since I broke out the sewing machine...

Since I now have a place to use my sewing machine, which by the way I bought way back in September, I have made scripture totes for my primary kids and a hooded towel for my neighbor. Both of these projects I went into blindly... both turned out awesome.

website for hooded towel:

You need one bath towel and one hand towel
  1. Cut your hand towel in half

  2. Fold over the finished edge of the hand towel. I folded down just past the ribbing. You want to have about 10 1/2 inches in finished length. Stitch down the edge.


  3. If you want, stitch a little ric -rac to the front.

  4. 4. Fold hand towel in half right sides together, find the middle of the side and mark with a pin.


5. Bring the folded edge into the middle. You may have to remove the pin while you adjust the towel.


6. Stitch across the bottom edge making sure you catch all layers of the pleat. When finished stitching, zig zag or overcast your seam to prevent raveling.

7. Fold the bath towel in half, right sides together.

8. Measure over 4 inches from the fold and 4 inches down from the top and stitch.


9. Open bath towel flat and open and flatten the tuck. You can baste across the tuck if you want.


10. With right sides together, line up center of bath towel and center of hood.


11. Pin hood to bath towel. You will stitch from the side edge of the hood across to the other side. Be sure to back stitch when starting and stopping to reinforce the seam. I stitched close to the edge along the inside of the towel’s finished edge.


The finished towel looks like this


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