Saturday, April 25, 2009

Distressed Letters

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You'll Need:
-Wooden Letters (found mine at Hobby Lobby in the unfinished wood section-2 for .99)
-Scrapbook paper of your chosing
-Brown Paint
-Modge Podge
-Emery Boards (nail files)

On the back of the paper, trace your letter backwards.

-Cut out the paper letter just inside the line you traced.

-Paint the edges and sides of your letters brown.

-Coat the wooden letter with the Modge Podge.
-Apply your cut-out paper letter.
-Smooth out bubbles. -Allow to dry.

-Now take your emery board and distress that baby! Concentrate on the edges and tips.

-Apply another coat of Modge Podge or two to the paper and wood to protect it.

- Attach some ribbon to the back to hang it.

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