Tuesday, August 25, 2009

House Update

So where do I start? We put in some can lights and painted the walls with Behr's Granite Boulder. It is a gray color. Elisa and Paul came over last Friday night and helped us start putting in the wood floor. They came back Saturday to finish the job. We started out tearing out the baseboards, doors and door jams so the floor could go in correctly. Elisa and I started to put together the IKEA cabinets. Matt and I finished putting them together the next day. We also got the microwave in.

Here are some photos on the work in progress.

We got rid of those mismatched lights and put in can lights.
Matt and Paul getting started on the wood floor.
Matt installing the floor into the hallway
The hallway after the basboards, carpet, doors and door jams were trashed.
The cabinets
The upper cabinets and Behr's Granite Boulder on the walls.
Here is where the project stands today... Hey at least the microwave is in!


Amber said...

It looks good, I can't wait to see it all finished!

Aubrey said...

That's awesome. You guys are fast workers--I wish we could get things done at our house that quickly. So how do the Ikea cabinets seem so far for quality? I really like the ones you got, but I wonder if they're worth putting up in our house--especially when I'm a hankering for a change of house. ;)

Nicole said...

I am loving your sink, and I can't wait to see your kitchen cabinets tommorow. I can't believe how much work you two have put into your home.

Jungle MOM said...

Ooooh! I can't wait for the after pics! It looks like it's really coming along.