Sunday, October 11, 2009

And there was light

I feel like we accomplished a lot this past week. We Finished painting the living room and foyer, installed base board, replaced outlets, put in can lights and a new chandelier and finally tore out the inner storm window so the area can be ready for the new front window (with that we will have replaced ALL of our windows.)

Have a look at our progress...

BEFORE: Living room

AFTER: the living room after a coat of paint, new base board and more light.
our couch in the new space
the ugly ceiling fan and dark tan paint
The new chandelier.


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Aubrey said...

That looks so good--I bet it's nice to have a lot more light in that room. And I envy the new baseboards. Ours are so sad and tired--I guess they ARE 50 years old. ;)