Thursday, April 7, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover

UPDATE 11/16/11

You can now purchase the vinyl laundry symbols in my ETSY shop.

So what spurred this makeover? My dryer died... Which meant we had to get a new dryer, which meant we wanted a matching washer, which meant we wanted front loaders, which meant we needed something put put them on, which meant we needed to paint. Put all those together and you get a laundry room makeover!

Laundry Room before:

Laundry Room after a coat of paint:

Have you ever been to You are missing out if you haven't. A while ago, I came upon a plan for a washer/dryer pedestal. Since I had the old school kind of washer/dryer, I mentally made a note of these said plans and moved on. Well, as it turns out, I needed these plans, so I found them again and showed my husband. He liked how it looked, so we went to Home Depot, bought the lumber (had them cut it- time saver!) and built the pedestal.

Painted it black and dis-stressed it.

Put it in place:

Cut some vinyl to put over the baskets:

Go HERE for the plans for the washer/dryer pedestal.

And decorated the room!

I rounded up some glass jars, and cut out some vinyl:

I also came across some cute laundry symbols on one of my favorite font sites. To tell you the truth, I didn't realize the laundry market had their own symbols. These are only a small number of what is out there. FYI, you can find these on your clothes tags...

The whole room! I love how it all came together...


Jungle MOM said...

How creative! I love it. :)

Melissa Moore said...

Kind of makes laundry not seem so bad when you have that room to work in. Love the makeover.

Robyn said...

Popping over from The Shabby Nest. Laundry room looks great. I love the washing symbols idea. Great blog!

LBB said...

Amazing transformation! Now you make me want to get to work in my laundry room :) Great job!!
New follower too...can't wait to see more :)

Lindsey said...

Love the transformation! You did such an amazing job! Thanks for stopping by and linking, have a wonderful weekend!

Jenny said...

Wow!! I wish I could have you decorate my whole house!!! You are amazing!


Just popping over from Poppies at Play. Love seeing your beautiful place without having to leave mine.
Thanks for the tour.


Gg - Notes on the Journey
#3 (Kitchen tour from my vintage Chicago apartment)

ps. thanks for the inpiration . . . i am about to do my laundry room.

Tamie said...

VERY cute!!!! and how awesome to just make your own pedestal!!!! the end result is so cute (and functional!)
linking from creative crate!

Anonymous said...

The remodel turned out great! Love the stand that they are on and how it allows room for baskets underneath!

Michell @ Girl In Air said...

Love it! I thought about using those symbols...I ended up framing my boys clothes...precious tiny shoes and undies:-)

Andy Porter said...

Such the coolest laundry room makeover! I totally love it! Thanks for giving us the process pics too!

Thanks for linking!

Poppies at Play

Windmill Memories said...

Love your laundry room. Mine is on my list this year to get done, but I hate the thought of moving the washer and dryer. Thanks for sharing, love the pedestal. jackie

Courtney said...

jessica! i LOVE this! love.

Jessica said...

What is the name of that font for the laundry symbols?

Comeca Jones said...

Just lovely!