Saturday, February 4, 2012

3 Board Heart

3 Board Heart Tutorial:

2 cedar fence posts- wider the better
polka dots (optional)

1. Cut the boards so they look like this. You are going to have to eye ball it.
2. Sand all edges.
3. Drill holes.

4. Drill holes in these spots. You should have 10 holes total.
5. Paint, distress, then wire it together. Curl the ends of the wire by wrapping the excess wire around a pencil. Each wire holding the heart together is about 8 inches long. Cut the wire you hang the heart with to the length desired.
6. This step is optional. I cut vinyl polka dots out and stuck them on the heart. Then sprayed the whole thing with clear acrylic spray.

The heart with polka dots...
The heart without polka dots...

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