Monday, January 30, 2012

LOVE String Art

LOVE String Art Tutorial:

-heavy duty material- I used painters dropcloth
-embroidery floss
-pattern and # sequence- Mirror the image so it is backwards (click on photos to enlarge)
-embroidery hoop
-staple gun and staples

My husband made me this frame. I spray painted it red. This project came out of this 1970's book. This is the string art pattern. CLICK on it to enlarge. Remember it needs to be a mirrored image. The number sequence for each letter. CLICK to enlarge. OUT means that you go through the fabric from the back. The knot at the end of the string needs to be on the back. IN means you come back up through the fabric.
1. Pin image to the piece of fabric.
2. Poke holes in the dots.
3. Use a marker to mark the dots, and a pen to write the #'s and letters on the back.
4. Start from the back and poke the needle through the fabric and pull it through.

5. Keep going...
6. Once you are done, this is what the back will look like
7. Front view.
8. Finally, staple the fabric to the frame. My staple gun was broken, so I used tape and some nails. It's ghetto, but it worked!

Now you can display it for all to see. Since I don't have a fireplace mantel, a shelf is the next best thing...

If you don't want to do the framed string art, you can also make a pillow...
I also made this pillow with the same string art pattern. But I substituted the "O" for a heart from THIS string art project.

Email me, if you want the mirrored image and LOVE sequence and numbers.

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