Monday, April 9, 2012

Cutting Fabic with a Cricut

Cutting Fabric with a Cricut Tutorial:

*Heat N' Bond
*Cricut Machine and Mat

Cut the fabric and Heat N' Bond to the same desired size. Follow the directions on the package for ironing instructions. After it is cooled, peel the paper off the back of the fabric.Next, stick the fabric onto a Cricut Mat and load it into the machine. Now comes the difficult part, deciding what to cut out. For this project I decided on an elephant.Next, have the machine cut the image. Finally, iron the image onto whatever you are making. I made a pillow....
So cute and easy!!!
I also cut out a hippo!

***I used Heat N' Bong Ultrahold, but you can use the "lite" version as well. I found out later it is better to use the lite kind if you plan to sew around the edges of the image like I did.

You can purchase the Elephant and Hippo pillow in my Etsy Shop.

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