Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ribbon Flower Pillow

Ribbon Flower Pillow Tutorial:

-fabric- (1) 19"x19" square and (2) 13"x19" rectangles
-yellow beads
- (2) white ribbon spools
-embroidery hoop

Finished pillow measures 18"x18"

Mark the middle of the fabric square and draw a 2" circle around the middle point.Next, put the fabric on the embroidery hoop. Bring the ribbon up through the back, through the circle line, to the edge of the hoop. Back and forth until you are back to where you started. This is what the flower should look like after you have sewn the ribbon on.This is what the back will look like.Next, hand-sew some yellow beads into the middle. This is the most time consuming part...Pin the back pieces onto the front (right sides together) and sew.

Finally, add a pillow insert and DISPLAY!

I found the idea for this pillow HERE.


Jenny said...

wow Jess, those are fabulous!! Love them I just may get up the courage to make one!. I really like the flowere petal one too, but that looks a little to complicated for me. I'll leave that to the profesionals like you!

Alli and Rick said...

Oooh.. this may be my favorite pillow so far! I'm going to start walking by your house every day just to check out the porch and what fabulous things you are coming up with. I went to Wood Connection last week and spent way to much money and now have a large pile of wood that needs painting and crafting- so if you are in the mood to craft together, give me a call!

One More Time Events said...

Very Nice...I just made pillow covers in this color..but didn't know what I was going to do with the fronts...ok Now I know...thanks for sharing

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

This pillow is absolutely adorable!

Unknown said...

Swoon!! LOVE this!!! I made some pillows myself a few months back and a few need updating thanks to my boys. I will definitely have to try this!!!

Thank you for the inspiration.

Jen @ Noting Grace