Saturday, October 13, 2012

Frankenstein Pillow

Frankenstein Pillow Tutorial:
I designed a stencil on my Sir Cuts A lot program and cut it out with my Cricut. I then made a 11"x26" pillowcase out of a painter's dropcloth. After those two steps, I sprayed the back of the stencil with spray adhesive and centered it on the front pillowcase piece.
Next, I taped the bolts off, and painted that area with silver acrylic paint. Once the silver paint was dry, I took the tape off and painted the letters with lime green acrylic paint.
This is what the front of the pillow looked like after the stencil was pulled off.
I wanted to add some pizazz to the lettering, so I used my sewing machine and sewed on some stitches. Next, with right sides together, I sewed the back piece onto the front piece. Be sure to leave a hole so you can turn it right side out. Finally I stuffed it with stuffing and sewed the hole shut.
I also made a Frankenstein pillow with felt letters.
Crow Pillow
Using the same technique as my Trick or Treat Pillows, I made myself some Gobble Gobble Gobble pillows. I think they turned out just as adorable...

All of the above pillows are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

My Mom has also made some fantastic Halloween pillows. If you wonder where I get my creativity, it comes from my mother.
Aren't they adorable!
My mom found a pattern for these two pillows on Pinterest and recreated some for herself...
Isn't this Frank pillow the cutest! My mom is so talented.

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The Checkered Apple said...

So many fun pillows! I really like the Frankenstein one with the stitches and bolts though!