Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree Tutorial:
Halloween Tree Supplies:
-dead tree branch
-plaster of paris
-planter box/urn
-decorative moss
-spray paint
Mix together some plaster of paris and water until you get the right consistency.
Put the tree branch in the urn and situate it so the tree branch sticks straight up. You need to secure it so it stays in place. We sandwiched it between wire and our house. Next, pour the plaster of paris into the urn.
Let the plaster dry for a couple of days...
Next, spraypaint the tree branch black. Let that dry.
Lastly, glue some moss around the branch so it hides the plaster.
I found a great spot on my porch to display it...
I added some crows (I found them at Dollar Tree) to the branches.
So easy, cheap and CUTE!

You can buy the pillows in my Etsy Shop, plus many others....

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wendyberd said...

love it love it love it.

wish i had a porch.