Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scripture Tote Bags

Matt and I were put back into the Primary teaching the 7-year olds. This time around we have all girls. As an incentive to them bringing their scriptures, I told them I would make them a tote/purse. Each of them got to pick three of their favorite colors.

I used this great tutorial. I made my bags 13"x13" and the strap 30". The strap turned out to be a little long for 7 year olds, but I figured that they could grow into them.
Inside each purse I added a pocket and a pen holder. One of my girls, Anna, told me that she was happy that I put the pen holder in... now she has a place for her lipstick. (I thought that was adorable.)
Ella made me some yummy cookies and a card, and Bridget drew Matt and I a picture.

I have used this tutorial before. You can find those bags in another post found HERE.


Amber said...

I love these Jessica, what a cute idea!!

Lindsey said...

Jessica, So nice of you to share your talents!!! I heard some of the moms talk about how much their girls love their bags. You are too awesome!!!