Saturday, April 13, 2013

Signs of Spring

I am so happy it is spring! The weather is finally warming up, the flowers and trees are blooming and the birds are out. All this also means, It is time to decorate for Spring. Today, I am going to show you my Spring shelf and a tutorial for the flower signs I made.

During winter, I came across THIS cute flower sign. I knew I had to make one (or more) just like it, so I did...

Wood Flower Signs Tutorial:

First, I designed some stencils with my SCAL program and cut them out of vinyl.

Next, out of 3.5"x6' cedar fence slats, I cut three lengths out: 23.5", 18.5" and 12.5".

I then sanded each board.

Next, I painted the boards a cream color.

After the paint dried, I stuck the vinyl stencil on top of the board. I used clear Contact Paper to make sure the stencil went on straight.

Next, I painted the letters on. For all my stamping needs, I use Martha Stewart sponge stampers. The colors I used for the sign lettering are: navy blue for hollyhocks, red for geraniums, and orange for marigolds.

While cutting the boards for the signs, I also cut side slats to frame the signs. This wood is 1"x4' lathe boards. You can buy a bundle of them at Home Depot for $12.

I then painted the side sign slats brown.

After the paint dried on the signs, I distressed each sign by sanding the edges and front of each sign. I also distressed the side slats.

Finally, I nailed the slats onto each side of each sign.

Here is how they turned out...

This is how I decorated my shelf for Spring. I bought the metal vase at the thrift store for $1. I filled the vase with twigs I got from my sister.

I added a bird house and nest I had to the display.

I saw this bee print on a website, so I had Matt Photoshop the image to my liking. I had it developed at Costco for $6. The size is 14.5"x14.5". I put the print in a frame that Matt made me some time ago.
I love how everything came together!

If you are interested in purchasing the vinyl flower name stencils or bee print, send me an email and I will add them to my Etsy Shop.

Happy Spring!!!

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Alli and Rick said...

It is so dang cute!!! You seriously amaze me. And I know you say you bought the vase for $1 at the thrift store, but are we shopping at the same thrift store?! I never see things like this!