Saturday, May 31, 2014

Basement Bathroom Reveal

It's done! The basement bathroom is finally completed!!! We started this project back in November and have worked on it here and there for the past five months. This morning we added the finishing touches and now it's ready to show off!

-Lighting- Home Depot
-Mirror- Home Depot
-Tile Floor and Shower Walls- go HERE to read more about it.
-Vanity- custom built by Matt. I will do a post about it later.
-Butcher Block- Ikea
-Tub- Lowe's
-Shower Curtain- Ross
-Shower Curtain Rod- Home Depot
-Shower Fixtures- Home Depot
-Shower Light/Fan- Home Depot
-Toilet- Home Depot
-Bathroom Door- Stock Building Supply- You cannot walk into Home Depot or Lowes to buy this door, you have to special order it. It costs around $100 and it takes about a month to get it. If you go to Stock Building Supply its cheaper ($72) and you can get it within a week.
-Door Knob- Home Depot

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Kelly Pack Beck said...

You guys are amazing! I love this bathroom :)