Friday, May 16, 2014

Craft Booth Walls

As I mentioned in my last post, for the craft show last week, we came up with a new booth wall design. Instead of wood, we used PVC pipe.

This tutorial is for a 10'(wide) x 8'(deep) booth.

Shopping List:
-(13) 3/4 in. x 10 ft. PVC pipe
-(8) PVC elbows (buy the contractor's pack, it's cheaper!)
-(10) PVC T's (buy the contractor's pack, it's cheaper!)
-(4) 2" pieces of 3/4 inch PVC pipe

PVC Pipe Cutting List:
-Cut (7) @ 84"
-Cut (4) @ 58.5"
-Cut (4) @ 56.75"
-Cut (4) @ 36"

Fabric Panels:
I also made some fabric panels for each section. I bought cheap twin flat sheets at Wal-Mart for $5 each. You need to buy six flat sheets. I only had five on hand, so I cut one sheet in half and cut up another sheet I had, and added a stripe. What is awesome about using sheets is that the top already has a pocket to slide the pipe through. So all you really need to do is hem the bottom and one side. I also sewed on ties onto each side of the panels. This way I could secure it to the pipes. Out of the sheet scraps, I also made a bag to store the pipes in.

This is how the back, top and bottom, four corners connect into the side walls.

The two sides are cut up into two sections.
section one measures 59.5"
section two measures 37.5"
The booth walls measure 84" tall

The back is cut up into two sections.
Both sections measure 57.5"
The booth walls measure 84" tall

On one end of my booth I have a shelf, on the other end, I have a purse tree. To add extra support to the side walls, I used the ties from the fabric panels, and tied the end PVC pipes to the shelf and purse tree.

These walls are easy to set up and take down. Much better than our last system! I


Jungle MOM said...

Wow!! You two are super talented. Do you think that would work for props when taking pics? How awesome!! :D

Unknown said...

Awesome idea! wish I'd seen it sooner!

Unknown said...

You just solved my problem. We are in a new tiny apartment that has the only bathroom accessed through the bedroom. We needed a tall, wide room divider that won't break the bank. I will send this to hubby. How much did the whole project end up costing in total?

Unknown said...

This is soooooo great! Just what I was looking for! You have just saved a ton of time for me. Thank you!

wtbman said...

It only takes one person to setup the walls (you build it piece by piece). It can stand on it's own but we always intended on being able to anchor the ends of the walls onto something in the booth such as that green rack in the pictures or onto the leg of a table or shelving unit. Otherwise the walls would move back and forth too easily. If you were to hang things from the pipes it might work or of if it's too heavy the pipes would bow in the middle, you could always use shorter pieces of pipe with more vertical pipes to make it stronger. You could add more stability to the base if you used some T's or X's and add 6" pipes sticking out like feet.