Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stump Pumpkins

A few years ago, my sister saw at a local business, pumpkins made out of tree stumps. She took a picture and filed the project away. Last year, her neighbor cut down a tree and my sister inherited the stumps. This year, we finally got around to making our very own stump pumpkins.

First thing you want to do is get the bark off each stump. I didn't get a picture of this step. Then, with an angle-grinder sand each stump until smooth.
Like so...
At Home Depot, have the paint department tint some water based stain. We used a Glidden color called "Glowing Firelight"
Paint the stain on each pumpkin. You may want to do a couple of coats.
Let the pumpkins dry.
Next, cut a piece of tree branch to make a stem and glue or nail it onto each stump.
Display for all to see!
My sister has her porch decorated all cute like. Me, not so much....

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