Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What To Do With Extra Munchkin Pumpkins

I got A LOT of munchkin pumpkins from my garden this year. More than I could ever use. So I put together a little gift for my Visiting Teaching ladies.

My mom told me about this cute poem a few weeks ago that I thought would make a great handout with these little pumpkins.

People Are Like Halloween Pumpkins

A pumpkin is ready to harvest
when the vine begins to die back and
the pumpkin has reached a good color.
It is then cut from the vine with a sharp
knife, taken inside and washed to remove
all the dirt. The pumpkin is now ready
to be carved into a wonderful Halloween

Like a pumpkin is harvested, God
lifts us up, takes us in and washes off
all the dirt. He opens us up, reaches deep
inside and scoops out all the yucky stuff,
including the seeds of doubt, the pulp of
hate and the slime of greed. Then He carves
us a new smiling face and puts his light
inside of us to shine for all the world to

The supplies...

I put three pumpkins in a small treat bag.

Then I tied a ribbon around the bag and attached the poem.

It turned out really cute!

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