Monday, January 18, 2016

Family Birthday Board

For this past Christmas, I made our grandparents family birthday boards. Not only is this is a great gift idea for grandparents, but it's a fun creative way to keep track of family birthdays instead of using a boring wall calendar. This is not a full on tutorial, because let's face it, there are many tutorials out there. I just wanted to share my version of the birthday board, a supply list, and where to buy said supplies.

Supplies Needed:
-(1) 8" wide x 6' long pine board (makes 3 boards) Cut to 24"
-walnut stain
-acrylic paint
-eye hooks
-s hooks (buy them here)
-circle/heart wood cutouts w/pre-drilled holes (buy them here)
-little baggies (found at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry isle)
-fine tipped Sharpie

First, I painted the front of each board. Next, I carefully stained the sides and back of the board. Be careful not to get stain on the paint. After all that was dry, I applied the vinyl. Next, I added the eye hooks to the bottom of the board. With that, the board was done.

I decided I didn't want to paint all the wood cutouts, so I limited my painting to the hearts which I decided were for the great-grandchildren (since there are less of them right now). The circles are for the grandparents, children + their spouses, and the grandchildren + their spouses. I got little baggies and put the number of discs/hearts representing each family member in each individual family. For instance, I have my in-laws (2), my husband and I (2), brother/sister in law + son (3), brother in law (1). So in our family baggie we had 7 circles and 1 heart + (8) s hooks. I repeated that for each family unit. I also added a baggie with extra circles for future spouses of grandchildren and also a baggie of hearts for future great-grandchildren. I found a container at a thrift store to put the baggies in. I also added a fine tip Sharpie for writing names and birth dates on the discs.

It was a lot of work, so I'm glad it turned out as awesome as it did!

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