Sunday, October 25, 2009

I shop D.I.

I love love love the DI. I find awesome things there almost every time I go. I am so obsessed, that I went three times last week. Each day finding something totally awesome.
Here are some of my finds:

Glass bottles
Shelf- with a little spray paint (my new best friend) this should look cool.
Flowers and wreath
Floating shelves ($1.00 each) what a deal. Home Depot sells them for $20 each. With a little spray paint they will be like new.
Art work. I'll tell you the truth, at first I was going to trash the pictures and use the frames for something, but then the pictures grew on me and I decided that they would look really cool in my kitchen since the paintings have the same color scheme.

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Anonymous said...

fabulous Finds! :)