Saturday, January 7, 2012

Corrugated Snow Flake

Corrugated Roofing Snow Flake Tutorial:

Supply List:
Tin Snips.............. $15.97
Gloves................. $4.46
Corrugated roofing..... $11.80- 2x8 sheet
brown wrapping paper... $1.00
spray paint

First thing I did was make a pattern. I looked around the web and got some ideas on shape. FYI, I got this paper at Dollar Tree. It comes in a big roll. It is perfect to make patterns with.
Once I was satisfied with how the pattern looked, I cut it out.
Tape it to the tin roofing and start cutting.My husband thinks it looks like a ninja star, I agree, it does, but for this project, it's a snowflake...I then spraypainted it white. After the white, I sprayed a light coat of blue. Once the spraypaint was dry, I did a coat of Krylon Glitter Blast spray- Diamond Dust. It made it sparkly!I let the snowflake dry over night. In the morning, I drilled a 1/4" hole in the tin, then strung ribbon through it.
If you don't want damage to your door, and have less clanking around, do this next step... glue felt on the back.

Finally, Hang it on the door for you and your neighbors to enjoy!

This project was timely, because it finally snowed last night!

Other corrugated tin roofing projects:Go HERE for the corrugated heart.Go HERE for the corrugated shamrock.

Happy New Year!

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Unknown said...

How fun! I especially like the heart!! Would you share here? Pretty please?