Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Pillow Day 1: Heart Strings

Heart String Art Pillow Tutorial:

-fabric or drop cloth for pillowcase
-red embroidery thread
-heart string art template found HERE
-embroidery hoop

For this pillow I cut out a 15"x15" square of dropcloth for the front and a 15"x15" square out of red fabric for the back. Once that was done, I saved the template (click on above link for template)by right-clicking on the template image and saving it to my desktop. Then, I opened the file in Microsoft Word, resized the image, and then printed it. Next, center the template onto the front piece of fabric, and pin it. Then go around the whole heart template and make dots on the fabric with your pen. You have to push hard, so the pen will puncture the paper. Before you take the template off, make sure you got all the dots in the right place. Once you have done that, unpin the template, and number your dots with your pen on the fabric, so it matches the template.

FYI: some of the numbers on the template are missing. Starting with #14 at the bottom of the heart the numbers should go in this order: 14,11,10,7,6,3,2,37,36,33,32,29,28,25,24,21,20,17,16,13,12,9,8,5,4,7,38,35,34,31,30,27,26,23,22,19,18,15, then your starting #14.

Thread your needle with a few feet of embroidery floss, and tie a knot on the end. Be sure to start with the numbered side so the knot is on the back of the fabric. Begin with number 1 and follow the numbers until you reach the end (38). Once you are done, knot the end of the floss as tight as you can. Make sure the ending knot is on the back of the fabric.This is what the back will look like once you are done...This is what the front will look like once you are done...Next, with right sides together, sew the back piece onto the front piece.Finally, stuff the pillow with stuffing and sew the hole up.Now you got yourself a cute Heart String Art Pillow!

Stayed tuned tomorrow for Day 2 of Valentine's Day Pillow Week....


Alli and Rick said...

OOh! AHH!! I love this one- can we make it at enrichment? You have the best ideas, and I'm glad you are willing to share and teach us less crafty folk. Can't wait to pick your brain this year on the committee. Valentines is coming up already- ah!

Unknown said...

Very nice. I like how it is Valentine-y without being too in your face. (found you on Skip to My Lou)

Alecia @ ChickenScratch NY said...

Love this! I've got it pinned for later. Thanks for sharing

Crafty Mischief said...

This pillow is so sweet! I found you through The Girl Creative. Thanks for sharing!

Be Colorful Coastal said...

In a word, LOVEly. :0 Thanks for sharing this on Motivated Monday at BeColorful

Unknown said...

This is so cute and simple! I hope you stop by my party and link up…